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Data protection law

Data protection law has also been part of our range of services for almost a decade. After all, labour law is no longer possible without data protection these days.

However, our expertise in data protection law extends far beyond the area relevant to employment law. It includes, in particular:

  • Full-cover consulting in the area of employee data protection
    • Development of concepts for handling personal data within the application process
    • Data protection-compliant storage and deletion of personnel documents ("digital personnel file") also taking into account the requirements of labour law
    • Compliance with data protection in committee work (works council, staff representatives, representatives for the severely disabled, etc.)
    • Creation of guidelines for handling company IT systems (in particular for private telephone, internet and e-mail use)
    • Support for the introduction of technical systems (video surveillance, technical systems for performance monitoring, etc. pp.)
    • Advice in connection with employees' claims to information and deletion under data protection law
    • Support in legal disputes in which the use of evidence might be prohibited due to data protection violations
  • Support in setting up your own data protection organization
  • Fulfillment of information requirements, not only in the employment context
  • Privacy compliant website design
  • Activity as external data protection officer
  • Data protection training for internal data privacy officers and employees
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