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To facilitate HR work in companies, we have developed "automated" procedures in many areas:

The automated employment contract

While companies used to have many different employment contract templates (temporary, permanent, clerk, department head, etc.), the new magic word is modular contract.

The modular contract is a single contract that includes everything that numerous model employment contracts used to accomplish.

In order to take account of the different regulatory needs, the modular contract works with alternatives or options where there can or should be differences.

In times of constantly changing laws, the modular contract has a decisive advantage:

If an update is required due to a change in legislation or case law, only one contract template needs to be adjusted.

The problem is that the more alternatives and options a modular contract has in order to cover different regulatory needs, the more demanding and time-consuming it is for HR managers to draw up the individual contracts. In the hectic pace of everyday business, things can sometimes go wrong.

For this reason, we have developed an "automated" modular contract that has already successfully survived the first practical tests in companies.

How does the automated modular contract work?

The automated modular contract is programmed by us in such a way that the individualization and execution is even faster than ever before; nevertheless, it is a single model contract, so that contract updates only have to be implemented once and the danger of choosing the wrong template is banished.

All required information is requested with the help of a (usually one-page) cover sheet, starting with the employee's personal data, specifying any fixed-term employment, position in the company, individual working time regulations and remuneration components, notice periods, and much more. Even gender-specific party designations can be adjusted within seconds using automation.

Since we do the programming ourselves, this also allows us to map all the individual characteristics of the companies and, if necessary, relate them to each other.

And if changes are required due to new vacation case law or new legal requirements, all you have to do - as said - is update one single template.

The automated modular contract therefore has many advantages:

It saves a lot of time, minimizes sources of errors in the preparation of individual contracts and facilitates the implementation of updates.

The vacation tool

Due to the new vacation case law, the calculation of vacation has become difficult, complex and time-consuming. This applies to leave taken during the year, but also in connection with illness, maternity leave and parental leave. From our legal consulting activities and the workshops we have conducted, we know that the calculation rarely succeeds correctly.

This can be remedied by a vacation tool, which we program so that vacation entitlements are automatically calculated correctly in accordance with the labour or collective agreement regulations applicable in your company.

The automated social selection

Most companies know that in the event of redundancies for operational reasons, a social selection must be carried out. What is still easy to accomplish with regard to individual jobs becomes a challenge in the case of larger-scale staff reductions.

For these cases, case law has developed various options (so-called "point schemes") for weighting the social data of the employees concerned. For example, it is possible to focus on age, length of service or alimony obligations and thus permissibly influence the result of the social selection.

We have developed a system in which various scoring schemes accepted by the courts are stored so that companies can display the sometimes very different results "at the click of a mouse".

The decision for one or the other point scheme can be made faster, but above all better this way.

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